About Kaweller

Kaweller is a professional factory focused on custom copper tube for liquid cooling and refrigeration, including liquid cold plates, bending, welding and embedded copper tubes for cooling plate; air conditioning refrigeration copper tube assembly, copper branch joints, copper plumbing manifold, Liquid distributor, copper fittings.

To meet your requirements, our strong R&D team can provided custom cold plate and welding copper pipe, the best advantage is designed pipes located for cold plate to fitting your needs.

With experienced technical teams and precision machines, we can manufacture fine bending, top embedded and excellent welding copper tubes. The whole process follows ISO9001 rules and the best LEAN SIZ SIGMA and 5S practices.

Any require, contact us now.

copper fitting workshop-kaweller          copper fittings factory workshop          bending copper pipe workshop
machine for copper fittings         machine for brass fittings kaweller          copper fittings module from kaweller
warehouse for copper tubes          end product for bending copper tube-kaweller         bending copper tube for liquid cooling